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Specifying interior furnishings comes with its challenges. It’s no longer flipping through catalogues & making sketches. Interior designers, architects & other design professionals need to have modelling, advanced 3D & space planning skills. That’s in addition to staying on top of new materials, innovative technology & research in design psychology.


We’ve put today’s busy designer at the heart of every topic that’s been built into The Design Talks seminar program. Focusing on the business of design & delivered by speakers you want to hear from.

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So Who Can You Expect to See?

Laetitia Taylor
Quality Vs. Price
The age old battle of delivering the highest quality at the lowest price continues. Is it really ok to compromise on quality in favour of savings?

Ben Corrigan, CEO & Founder of Bluehaus Group, will be part of a panel discussion on market positioning.

He will be discussing how he judges the appropriate balance between quality, price & service levels.

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Cost Effective Business Strategies

In many industries the balance of power has shifted from buyers to suppliers. Companies that have gotten into a weak position with suppliers need to approach the situation strategically.

Kevin McLachlan, Head of Interior Design of Godwin Austen Johnson will be talking about developing an efficient process for finding novel products & new suppliers.

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Laetitia Taylor
Laetitia Taylor

Emerging Trends: Sustainability

Some designers associate emerging trends with rising costs but what about sustainability?

How exactly can this be implemented affordably?

Perkins+Will’s Director of Cities & Sites, Steven Velegrinis, is part of a panel addressing how designers are capitalising on sustainability by sourcing & implementing suitable products.

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